Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vince Jones & Grace Knight - Come In Spinner


"Someday he'll come along/ The man I love..." eh, I'm a sucker for the jazz standards.  In my youth, I wanted to be Ginger Rogers.  Seriously  (YourZ sez: Ginger was my first crush).  I couldn't imagine any life better than one where Fred Astaire whirled me around a ballroom floor, dressed in feathers and sequins.  Um, that's me in the feathers and sequins, not Fred.  Not that he wouldn't have looked good in them, I just figure he's better off in the traditional tuxedo.

This is the music from an Aussie TV show from the early 90's (ooh, now available on DVD!) that I watched religiously, as much for the music and the costumes as the story (which wasn't bad either).  It also features crooning from jazz fixture Vince Jones who I've seen a number of times, and Grace Knight, who I keep bumping into.  You see, she was originally in a Perth band called the Eurogliders, and when I first moved to Sydney I shared a house with the original bass player from the band and his wife, who were then doing sound and light for them.  Then some years later I moved to another house in Sydney to discover she was living next door to me.  But whatever, she's a great jazz singer and there are some truly great jazz songs on this album.

One for the kitchen-cooking scenario, because again - I know all the words.



I don't own clothes good enough to listen to this album.  No, seriously.  This evokes the sort of smokey, tuxedo-tie-undone mood I've never known.  The closest I've ever come to a monkey suit is standing outside the gorilla cage at the zoo.  To be honest, the music doesn't do much for me.  If anything, it's the kind of music my parents played when they were feeling amorous (not a picture I really want in my head).

Mind you, I've only heard great things about the TV show, so, Mine, if you want to get it, I'd be happy to watch it with you.

VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN before my folks hear it.  Please!

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