Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Ramones - Anthology


From the first "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" to the last fading away of that raw guitar sound, this anthology just leaps out of the stereo into my ears and keeps me humming snatches all day.  Which can be a bit dodgy when you're singing I Wanna Be Sedated under your breath in the break room at work.

I can say I've seen the Ramones, during a trip to Adelaide when the Formula One Grand Prix was still held there (1989) and we hadn't planned it at all.  We heard extra tickets were going on sale at the venue, and queued up for hours in what I recall was absolutely boiling-hot weather in a car park with no shade.  But it was worth it.

The boys delivered a blistering set, at such volume I recall I actually moved to the back of the venue fearing I'd suffer permanent hearing loss.  This from a girl about to sit trackside at a Formula One meet for four days.  What was I thinking?  I scored one of my most treasured merchandise purchases therre - my Ramones shorts, which were admired by many over the next several years.  Unfortunately these went missing in our last move (sulk).  (YourZ sez: I'm still convinced they're in a suitcase under the bed)
Re-listening to the tunes, what surprises me is that they're a lot slower than I was expecting.  Is this because they were faster played live, or because my memory of the recordings is faulty?  (YourZ sez: I'd love to say it's your memory, honey, but I know it's because they played everything way faster live)  (We only recently added this CD to our collection, thanks Col!)  Whatever, it's a great way to start or end your day, or for any time in between.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP fun, fun... oh baby


This collection came to us by way of my Dad.  We were at our favourite mega-store, checking out cheap music and looking at new laptops with my folks.  I'd wandered off to look for something and Dad followed.  I was poring over the CD racks (heh, heh, he said 'rack') and Dad was standing in the aisle, ogling at the sheer number of CDs.  I was wearing my much-loved but falling-to-bits Ramones tshirt and he pointed out this collection and asked if I had it.  When I said no, he offered to buy it as a gift for Mine and YourZ truly.  He wouldn't take no for an answer, thankfully.

To top it off, when we got home later, both he and my Mum wanted to hear it.  I wasn't sure about this but not only did they stay and listen all the way through the first disc, but they both said they actually liked it because it reminded them a lot of the 'old rock and roll' tunes they loved when they were young.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  (Scary, ain't it?) 

The only other anecdote I have about them is the one where a friend overheard a young woman talking to her friend about his tshirt.  He had to correct her after she pronounced the name as The Ram Ones.  This still makes me giggle.

Anyway, I feel like I'm gonna make a big hypocrite out of myself, particularly after the way I carried on about the Pink Floyd compilation yesterday but I'm gonna plead ignorance and damn the consequences.  (Mine says: Blame youth and inexperience tempered with long and faithful service)  This is, hands down, the best fucking collection we have.  The booklet and rare photos that accompany it are superb and the track listing includes material from their entire career.  There are no exceptions or fillers on this - every track is a killer. 

Thanks Dad, you old punk-rocker, you!

VERDICT: TURN IT UP gabba, gabba, hey!

For more information:

In our collection we also have We're Outta Here

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