Monday, April 19, 2010

K. D. Lang - Ingenue


I've never owned this album.  But I've heard it lots.  Just about every woman I've ever spent any time with since its release owns it and, therefore, just about every song on Ingenue holds a spark of recognition.

There is no denying the beauty of Lang's voice nor the power of her song writing.  It is truly incredible.  And the production on this album is both lush and sparse, understated and brilliant.  And then there is that song.  Constant Craving is one of those songs that sounds like a classic from the moment you first hear it.  Personally, I prefer quietude of Save Me or the slow groove of The Mind Of Love but then I've always been a fussy bugger.

Its not the sort of music I naturally choose to listen to but have no objection to hearing it.  Yes, Mine, none at all.



There was a time when Ingenue first came out that it was rarely off my CD player.  I've spoken before about my love for girl singers, and this is one of the very best, performing at her very best.  Coming hot on the heels of the Come In Spinner soundtrack, I kind of feel like I've been transported so some sort of 1930s tea dance.

It's the perfect backdrop for a Sunday afternoon drive in the country, or a rainy day with a book, or anytime you're feeling a bit frazzled and want to calm down and soothe your soul.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP not too loud, though...

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  1. i've always been a fan of kd lang's voice, but her song choices often left me cold... until i hit "Hymns of the 49th Parallel". Given that i've never heard "Ingenue" all the way through? you've convinced me to give it a listen...

  2. ...and now you've convinced me to give "Hymns" a listen. I'd been kind of avoiding it before, as I'm generally not a fan of the covers album (with some exceptions) but now I've looked it up, I see it has some awesome songs on it. Especially "The Valley" and "Love is Everything" by my favourite Canadian singer, Jane Siberry. Saw her a couple of years ago. Only concert I've ever been to where I cried my eyes out for most of it and had the best time as well.