Monday, August 9, 2010

Bob Marley & The Wailers - One Love, The Very Best Of


As Mine will attest, I really do like me some reggae, mon.  (Okay, this is as far as I take the white-boy rasta crap, okay, so relax).  For the most part, I'm not a devout fan of any particular reggae artist, with the exception of Bob.  And I think this has something to do with a teenage memory.  There has been enough already written about Marley, I'm not going to bother rehashing stuff you probably already know.  But I am going to tell you a wee story.

You see, throughout high school, my family lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, in a beautiful neighbourhood.  This was in the late mid to late 70s and we lived this almost-idyllic beachside lifestyle, riding skateboards or hanging out with a bunch of neighbourhood kids at the beach.  In the summer holidays, we spent virtually every moment there.

One of these kids had an elder sister who we all adored from afar.  She had long straight hair and a surfy-hippy chick thing happening.  Or maybe it was more the Marcia Brady thing going - can't tell me if you were my age back then, Marcia was always the one.  The only difference was Marcia didn't sunbathe topless.  Our friend's sister did and had no problems hanging out at the beach with us. If fact, I think she enjoyed the attention.  Naturally, we spent a lot of our time lying face down in the sand.  For some reason, when I hear the songs of Marley, I am reminded of her.  This is not the only reason I like Bob, but it is a good one.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP, little darlin'...


I've mentioned before I'm not really that fond of reggae music - although the musical stylings of Bob Marley are somewhat of an exception.  This is a great best-of album, and I loved singing along to ExodusI Shot The Sheriff and No Woman No Cry.

It's just not the sort of album I'd envision putting on when I'm at home reading a book, or doing some housework.  It's not an album I'd reach for voluntarily at all.


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