Sunday, August 29, 2010

Run DMC - Raising Hell


This is why I like old-school hip hop so much.  The beats are fat and strong, the samples aren't buried under layers of effects and the flow is clean and consistently tight.  It really doesn't get much better than Raising Hell.

Then there's Walk This Way, which not only acknowleged that rock and hip hop could be a match made in heaven, it even invited the rock stars into its fold, turning the adversarial nature of the two genres into an iconic video clip and proving that music can make wonderful bedfellows out of the even the oddest of pairings.  This track, more than anything else, is also credited for resurrecting Aerosmith's flagging career. 

And who else could write such a song as My Adidas and make it sound so cool? 



I do tend to prefer my rap music with a musical background, and generally a whole album of it is just a bit too much.  Raising Hell is no exception, despite the inclusion of some world-class songs.

Therefore while I love It's Tricky, Raising Hell, You Be Illin' and of course Walk This Way, the rest of it's a bit shouty for me. 

I have no major moments to share with you regarding this album, as it's not mine.  And while I'd cherrypick the abovementioned tracks to punch up my playlist on the GymPod, it's not a CD I'd put on to while away a rainy day.


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