Tuesday, August 10, 2010

N.E.R.D - In Search Of...


I was kind of annoyed when it was this N.E.R.D album that came up for review and not any of the others, as this one has only just come off my gymPod after being one of the first albums I added to it.  It's great for motivating that extra burst of energy out of you, and Pharell Williams is a genius of production, no contest.  But it's not been that long since these tunes came up over and over again - and I thought I needed a break.

However, listening to this CD today made me realise how great these songs are all over again, and it's best listening to them one after the other, as the cumulative effect of all that greatness is better than the singular nature of the songs.  Yes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  (YourZ sez: dead right, baby even though there is some great parts)

This is hip-hop and R&B as it should be - using diverse elements including rock guitar (Rock Star) to showcase the band's musical talents.  My favourite song is Brain, but Lapdance and Bobby James are right up there.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP it's almost over now, almost over now


If I was 20 years younger, I probably wouldn't want to be admitting what I am about to admit mostly because my peers back then wouldn't understand.  But the thing about growing old disgracefully is the older you get, the more you lose your sense of shame, not that what I'm about to say is shameful.

I really like N.E.R.D.  I can't stand any of their contemporaries - Blacked Eyed Peas shit me to tears, for instance.  But there is something about this three-piece that consistently blows me away.  And In Search Of..., their magnificent d├ębut, is my favourite of their three albums.  There is just the right blend of tight beats, quality production and great songs to have me singing along for days.  Like Mine, I've listened to this album more times than I can count but unlike her, I've never grown even slightly tired of it.

We saw them live a few years ago.  It was a muggy, dusty day at the Randwick Race Course - Future Music was the name of the festival.  In a rather telling move, we stuck around long enough to see them play a blistering set before heading home.  This is the other part about growing old disgracefully: you wanna have the energy to keep up with the young uns but all you really want is the comfort of your lounge and a good cup of tea.

VERDICT: TURN IT, f*#king poser...

For more information: http://n-e-r-d.com/

In our collection, we also have Fly Or Die and Seeing Sounds

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