Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovey - Lemonheads


The opening track is really quite awful, but the rest of the album's better.  However, it sounds to me like just another one of those indie-pop bands, with that tendency to shift into whiny-sounding lead vocals.  Look, I know you're trying to sell records to disaffected teenage youth, but do you have to sound like any one of my nephews when he's asked to shift his ass off the couch and help around the house?

That said, there's no denying Evan Dando was a babe.  And still is, if Holly is to be believed.



It's been a long time since I heard Lovey.  It's another one of those albums that was never far away from the player for a long time but in more recent years, has spent more time languishing in the back of the collection, perhaps in a some sort of sympathy for Dando's flagging career or maybe because I simply moved on.  Who knows...

I got mouthy and declared it a Forgotten Gem before I heard it again but listening back to it now, I'm going to recant that statement.  There are some cool songs on this, but it just isn't a Gem.  It's more a great snapshot and reminder of a time in my life when I was reasonably young, long-haired and mostly carefree. (Mine says: As opposed to now when you're reasonably old, hair-free and with long cares?) 

However, I will still name Half The Time as one of my favourite songs.  I don't know what it is about it, but I find it beautiful and irresistable.  And his cover of Gram Parson's Brass Buttons is both reverent and gorgeous, particularly when I saw it performed live around the same time.  If they ever make a bio of Parson's life, Evan would play the part very well, I think.


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