Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Me - Greedy Hen


The main voice of this mostly-defunct four piece has so much character and grit, it would make even the most grizzled alt-country wanna-be curl up in the foetal position and cry like a baby.  But they'd howl like a branded calf to know this voice belongs to a woman.

The only thing that bothers me about this band is, well, two things actually.  First of all, I don't like their name.  Not one bit.  I think it's silly, shows little thought and is the last thing a band who sound the way they do should be called.  I don't know if they were trying to be ironic or what but it obviously didn't work. 

The second thing is the name of the album - Greedy Hen.  There has to be some kind of in-joke going on here because this is the only reason I can see why they would choose to name their album this.  And in-jokes simply don't work if the average joe punter (me) doesn't understand. (Mine says: it's also a chorus in one of the songs... can't remember which one and it seemed a bit incongruous as well)

Apart from this criticism, I actually dig *urgh* Greedy Hen a lot.  As I mentioned, Mandy Pearson's voice is an aural treat, as is the rest of the band.  Mostly recorded live in a local studio, Love Me drip with character and passion.  It's just a crying shame they couldn't have picked a better name.



I gotta call it - this is a Forgotten Gem for me.  I can't remember why or how I heard about Love Me or what possessed me to buy Greedy Hen (and isn't that a silly name for an album?) but this band has some great tunes.

A lot country and a bit rock, main singer Mandy Pearson has a lazy, husky drawl that only enhances songs like Sleepy Sunday and Turpentine.  I'm not sure how to describe them, but there's a rawness to this recording that appeals to me.  I did have some inner winces at some of the mix, but overall I wish there was more of Love Me to love.   The album also features keyboards by Chris Abrahams from the Necks, and if you really want a head-fuck, listen to some of their shit.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP ain't rock and roll if it don't look good in black

For more information: and search for Love Me in their Music list

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Greedy Hen is a serious gem of an album and AC/DC should do a cover of "It ain't rock n roll"and have a dirty big hit with it. The humour of Bon Scott and the simple, slightly funky, country (hard) rockin'riff are so good and so smart.

    There's at least two or three really good songs on each of their three previous albums as well, the first produced by the bloke from You Am I, and the third featuring Amanda Brown late of the Go Betweens. But Greedy Hen was great, and they were slightly shambolic and self effacing live. Then of course there was Mandy!