Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nick Drake - Pink Moon


Nick Drake's song, River Man, is another of those songs I want played at my funeral.  It is beyond words, for me.  If you don't know the song, have a listen.

Of course, said song isn't on Pink Moon, his third and final album.  The tragedy of Nick Drake is not so much his death (although this is indeed tragic) but that it took many years after he died before people understood his genius.

Yes, there is a lot of music being made in the world and sometimes the best music being made isn't easily available.  So it is up to us, as dedicated listeners, to search out the Nick Drakes of today and let them we do appreciate what they're doing and we love them and we want them to stick around.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (oh, how they come and go, oh how they come and go)


Another doomed young singer-songwiter - we seem to have a lot of them.  But the odd thing about Nick Drake is he's someone I've known for ages I would like, someone cited in many music anthologies as an artist to have in your collection, but we just didn't have anything.  Except for River Man, which I think is on two of our compilation CDs.

And then we bought this, only about a month or so ago.  I hadn't had a chance to listen to it before now, and doing so I just thought it would have been an ideal soundtrack to my younger days.  It needs to be listened to by candlelight in a teenage bedroom, the lyrics dissected for inner meaning.  It'd be ideal for those long sessions of kissing (remember just kissing?) in those snatched home-alone moments with your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Not that  it's no good to listen to now, but this is a record that I shoudl have heard then, that should have been a classic now, one that evoked all those memories of youth.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP in a darkened room, maybe even wearing headphones

For more information: http://www.nickdrake.com/

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