Thursday, August 19, 2010

Everlast - Eat At Whiteys


This is the follow-up to Erik 'Everlast' Schrody's huge hit album, Whitey Ford Sings The Blues.  While Eat At Whiteys contains much of the same formula as previous and includes some big name guests including Carlos Santana and Cee-Lo, it hasn't been high on my play list for some time.  But listening back to this album made me realise how much I like his gravelly sing/rap voice, ever since his days as the front man for House Of Pain. 

But it is his blending of acoustic rock and rap that really works for me.  The combination of fat beats and bass lines coupled with (mostly) acoustic guitar sounds like it was meant to be.  I also really like the relative lack of the usual rap production and posturing.  Everlast clearly writes songs as opposed to raps and beats.  Oh sure, it is probably more of the same but so what - it works well and casts him as a unique voice in a field of posers and pretenders.


You know, I liked it!  I wasn't expecting to, and the opening number was decidedly skip-worthy, but most of it was great.  The guest list is impressive and the songs (apart from some quite ordinary rap) were well put together and beautifully produced.

I'd listen to it again.


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