Friday, August 20, 2010

Frenzal Rhomb - Meet the Family


It's like The Living End, only bad.  Well, not bad as such, just repetitive and repetitive and - did I mention it's repetitive?  The songs are mercifully short, all in the Hi-NRG punkabilly mould, often involving SHOUTING with bad language sometimes randomly thrown in.  I don't mind swearing in a song if there's a reason for it (actually the last track, You Can't Move Into My House has lots of swearing in it but is quite funny) but most of this album is just really juvenile.

It's designed for boys of about 15-25 who no doubt smoke a lot of bongs before pogoing and performing air guitar while this is turned up to 11.

Here's hoping my husband's grown out of that. (YourZ sez: but, but... oh, alright)



This is great Aussie punk from an uncompromising band of ratbags, some of whom more recently found a modicum of respectability with a morning DJ gig on Triple J, Australia's alternative radio station.  The song titles are mostly designed to get young lads guffawing into their hands.  And the song Guns Don't Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Ducklings) gets a vote for one of my favourite song titles, even though the song is fairly ordinary.

But really, Mine is right. (Mine says: was there ever any doubt?)  I have grown out of this.  In fact, I'd grown out of this years ago.  Oh, there's nothing wrong with what they do - they actually do make some relevant points, albeit couched in punk vernacular.  But it's just not for me anymore.


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