Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adam Green - Sixes & Sevens


Adam Green is another artist we found out about through our love of music quiz shows.  We saw him on an episode of SBS's Rockwiz and really enjoyed his off-the-wall personality.  He came out looking very OHT (off his tits) on something and proceeded to add an element of chaos to a show renowned for being chaotic (in a good way).  He was dressed like a New York hipster, looked like he should be in The Strokes but sounded so far removed from this, we were completely taken.

Green started his career as the lead vocalist with the defunct band, The Moldy Peaches, with Kimya Dawson.  They are probably best known for providing tracks for the movie Juno, including the cutesy duo sung between the two lead characters (this one here).

As eclectic as you might expect, Green navigates Sixes & Sevens over a landscape including calypso, cha cha, country, beat poetry and white soul. It is Green's effortless baritone that acts well-versed guide over what might have been an unwieldy twenty tracks, never straying from the path yet giving the listener such a round-the-world tour, it is hard not to want to listen to it over again.



I got  stuck for a long time trying to write this review, largely because the man defies description.  Is it rock? Pop? Swing?  Oh, there's cha-cha-cha in there as well.

OK, this album is like the soundtrack to an off-Broadway musical I never knew I wanted to see.  It conjures images of surrealistic dance numbers in my head.  The lyrics are widely varied, as are the tunes, but he can sing.  Boy, can he sing.  From a deep bass to a high falsetto in one phrase (Grandma Shirley and Papa) with little reliance on effects.  And he's not shy of acapella.

Whatever Adam Green is on, I think I want some. 


For more information: http://www.adamgreen.net/ and that's a kooky-ass site!

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