Saturday, September 11, 2010

Groove Terminator - Road Kill


More Big Beat!  And this time I'd say it's good - but not great.  There are similarities to the sounds of Fatboy Slim and Prodigy, and given the release date of 2000, I'm thinking more than a little of the jumping-on-a-bandwagon sound.

It makes me yearn for my Prodigy Presents: CD (that came home as a case with no CD inside from some party or other) but I'm quite happy to show this album the door.  I only really like Here Comes Another One and One More Time anyway.

Side note: I like One More Time because it features the chorus to Let The Sunshine In from the musical Hair.  I was part of the chorus for that musical in an amateur production in Canberra when I was 19, along with one or two other people who may read this blog from time to time...



Road Kill from Groove Terminator came out some time after Fatboy Slim's mega-seller, You've Come A Long Way, Baby.  For all intents and purposes, GT could be looked at as the antipodean version of Norman 'Fatboy' Cook except Simon 'Groove Terminator' Lewicki hasn't had the huge success, hits or continued career that Norman has.

As I've said before, I'm partial to Big Beat but most of this, really, should probably be correctly called 'Mediocre Beat', because it's cliched and an obvious cash in on the popularity of the Big Beat sound at the time.


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