Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sly And The Family Stone - Greatest Hits


While this is one of Mine's contributions to the collection, I am a fan of Sly and co because they have provided some of the best source material for sampling this side of James Brown.

And while some of this is just a bit too disco for my liking, there's no denying its ability to make the listener smile (or, in my case, grimace a little less).  That Sly And The Family Stone go down in history for breaking boundaries by being both integrated and mixed-gendered is very cool indeed.  This paved the way from so many acts that followed, too many to name here.

While I know the hits, Stand, Dance To The Music and Everyday People, all anthems in their own right, the rest of this collection is new to me, except for the occasional recognition of a break.  But it's also a little frustrating because I'm left wondering where I had heard the sample.



A Forgotten Gem for me, and not for the truly excellent music, but for the strong, positive messages the Family manage to weave into their funky, hook-laden efforts.  Take Life - it says "You might get angry sometimes/ But don't let it turn you around" and of course You Can Make It If You Try goes without saying.

It's the perfect accompaniment to cooking - so it's going in the Kitchen Collection right away - and it's so positive it's gotta make the Grumpy Pants Abolisher playlist as well.  And for once I'm grateful i don't have the music-producer ears my husband does.  I can enjoy this music as it is, in its entirety, and not give two hoots about who sampled what or when.


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