Friday, September 17, 2010

Sigur Ros - Takk


If ever an album deserved to be a soundrack to a film, this is it.  And not just any old film, either - it deserves one with sweeping landscapes, wide expanses of sky, glorious sunsets - nature at its best.

I have to remember to put Takk on when we get in the car to drive through the Daintree soon.  Even on my little commute through the Sydney suburbs, this music made the blue sky bluer, the clouds fluffier, and seemed to point out the flock of birds, the trees waving in the wind and the interesting architecture I hadn't really looked at before.  It also calmed me down - not a bad thing to do in big-city driving.

In fact the only negative thing I can say about the album is it might distract the driver a little too much.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP but keep your eyes on the road


Can a band sound like the country they're from?  If the band is Sigur Ros, then the answer, I think, is yes.  There is something ethereal and wonderful about the music they create (I was going to say 'make' but there is much more to it than simply 'making' music).  They've created a soundscape to match their Icelandic home.  And it is made even more so by the fact these songs are not sung in English.  In fact, given some of the translated titles, a lot of these songs would probably sound a little ridiculous in any other language.

We came to buy Takk basically because we were sick of all the hype and wanted to see what the fuss was about.  The fuss, let me say, is absolutely worthy although the album itself has languished in our collection.  But this is not so much the fault of the band or ourselves.  And here is my only complaint about this record.  The packaging sucks!  While it's beautifully done to look like a children's book, it is oversized and doesn't fit in our collection.  Therefore, it's sat at the back of the drawers, behind everything else, where it's remained since we put it away.

So, please bands, take note of this - you have to remember most of us are organised pack-rats who buy storage systems designed for regular-sized CDs.  While I don't want to squash your creative ideas, if you put something out that is oversized or shaped, it is fucking annoying (yes, I'm looking at you too, Radiohead).  This means that despite your good intentions, you actually end up at the back of a drawer, forgotten and gathering dust.  And often times, you don't deserve this.


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  1. Your description of Sigur Ros sounds reminiscent of Canadian band Godspeed, You Black Emperor. They too go beyond making music and create soundscapes much like you describe Sigur Ros doing. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. i've been to iceland, and at least for part of the month of May, 2007, the skies ARE bluer, landscapes more stunning, birds more birdy... this sounds like a great 'roadtrip' CD.

  3. Perplexio, I've heard of Godspeed... but not heard anything by them. I think I might check them out, particularly if they're like Sigur Ros. Let me know what you think of them, by the way.

  4. Daisy, we did a roadtrip back along the tropical coast in heavy rain while listening to Takk. It made the trip all that more spectacular.