Monday, September 13, 2010

Machine Gun Fellatio - Paging Mr. Strike


At one time MGF were appearing all over the place - I'm sure I've seen them at least twice - but I know I hadn't listened to this album in an age.  It has some funny moments and some songs had me squirming in my seat, wondering if anyone else could hear the profanity blaring from my car stereo.

I guess I liked them for being risque, edgy and still musically apt.  But unlike some of my other novelty albums, this joke doesn't really make me giggle any more.



Ah, I don't quite know what to make of Machine Gun Fellatio.  I suppose the best way to describe this former 9 piece band would be to call them rock cabaret.  Musically, they cross from beat-laden pop to sample-based dance tracks.  They were reknowned for their wild live shows, which usually involved some sort of nudity and sexual innuendos aplenty. 

As an album, though, Paging Mr Strike lacks any real continuity.  As with their provocative name, the sexual innuendo is fun for a while, as are the vampy girls, but with repeated listens, I find it all fairly one-dimensional and boring.


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