Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friendly - Akimbo


This album contains the single greatest ever breakup song - I Love You But... which got me through a couple of difficult times with some truly awful men (pre-YourZ, I hasten to add).  It's the reason I bought this album, despite already having bought the single, and if I'm honest, there's not really much else on the album I love.

I mean, My Mother Was A DJ is pretty cool and the album itself has some killer dance tunes on it, but I only really ever liked those two songs and they've cycled through my gymPod many a time.  As long as there's an electronic version of this to hang on to, I'm cool with it going.  What I am annoyed about is that there appears to be nowhere on Da InterWebz where my readers can hear these songs!  Take my word for it?

I mean, I know I won't ever have to turn it up to 11 any more and scream "I love you/ but if you treat me like shit you can just fuck off!"  Will I, honey?  Honey? (YourZ sez: no, of course not, my love.  I'll simply wear earplugs and ignore you if you do).  



Yep, this is getting pretty damned close to the sort of music I have never liked.

I remember the anthemic I Love You But... but only because of the cheeky refrain.  Akimbo was a favourite of an ex-girlfriend and it was another of those party favourites, particularly parties where far too many substances were available, parties I don't remember much of these days.  In fact, when I do remember some of those parties, I think I have flashbacks - ooh, look, my hands are glowing man...


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