Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Strokes - Is This It?


Mmf.  It's not really my kind of music, and it was a freebie from back in the day.  Listening to it again, I got irritated by the constant use of the megaphone-effect on Julian Casablancas' voice.  It does have an unmistakable New York sound, but it's not Iggy or the Ramones.  It's kind of like G-rated punk. 

I also hated the cover in a Spinal Tap Smell the Glove kind of a way.



Gotta be said, I'm just not a fan of this hipster crap.  Partly because I've never been cool enough to be considered a hipster (not that I wanted to anyway... or is that the sort of thing a wanna-be hipster might say just to be all 'whatevah'?  If you've got a definitive answer to this question, you're almost certainly not a hipster either so how the fuck would you know?)

Anyway, lets get this back on track...  The other reason I'm not a fan is because I think the music is repetitive and I don't like the way Casablancas hangs a lot of his melodies off the same lines as the bass or guitars.  It is lazy and boring and, and...

You get the idea.

Oh, yeah, and I'm pissed at the drummer, Fab Moretti.  All I'm gonna say is I called dibs on Drew first, you bastard!


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  1. If this is being thrown out, I would like to put my hand up for it. I used to have it, but it became lost in one of many house-moves over the years.

    No need to put it in the mail, I've seen an Australian stamp before!


  2. Hey Mr B, drop me a line at and include your mobile number. Then we can arrange to catch up for a beer or thirteen.

    Oh, I will bring the CD with me too.