Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apollo 440 - Gettin' High On Your Own Supply


This is another of those discs I listened to many, many times when it first came out but haven't really bothered playing for the last few years.  For the sake of maybe repeating myself (which I do often anyway), this is not because it's tasteless or dated (well, maybe a little dated but not in a bad way) but because there's been so much more music come into my life, it got left behind.  However, I've been rather pissed to hear Stop The Rock sampled and turned into some crap dance track I hear all the time at the gym. 

Segue: why do franchise gyms play the crappest music in the world?  Our local has a 'station' that plays the same rubbish dance music over and over, with very occasional forays into FM classics.  I occasionally try and give my poor ears a rest and not use my MP3 player but the music they play honestly makes me wanna pack up and get the hell outta there.

I remember hearing of Apollo 440 via their track 'Aint Talking 'Bout Dub', from their second album, which sampled the Van Halen track 'Aint Talkin' 'Bout Love'.  Being a big Van Halen fan when I was a wee lad, I was rather taken by 440's clever use of this song.  My girlfriend of the time (hi Maz!) really liked the band, consequently I heard that album quite a bit.  Gettin' High On Your Own Supply was the followup.  As I mentioned, I heard it a lot too. 

It's packed full of hits and is one of those records you can put on at a party and forget about until it's finished.  It has a little bit of something for everyone (except maybe for you metal-heads - I know how hard you are to please) for most of us, it's a real crowd-pleaser.  While I was listening to it at work, I was actually smiling and nodding along.  And their take on the Lost In Space theme is probably the best reinvention since Doctorin' The Tardis (who remembers that one?)

VERDICT: TURN IT UP, Will Robinson...


Again and again I write - I just don't listen to this enough.  But how can I?  There's so much great music we own and I can't listen to all of it all the time.  I mean, I spend eight hours every Monday to Friday in a job where I'm just not allowed to listen to large chunks of music - although I do sneak in the odd tune via YouTube or by previewing tracks on Amazon to remind me which ones I like and which are making me gag.

Anyway, I saw Apollo 440 some years ago at one of Sydney's best music venues - The Metro, for those of you considering a visit to our sunny shores.  To say they rocked would be an understatement.  They have TWO DRUMMERS.  This was one of those rare gigs where the front row - where I was - was there to DANCE, not to stand and stare, and I recall asking one girl who hadn't gotten the memo about this (she was standing and staring in the middle of a group of writhing lunatics) if she'd mind either dancing or stepping back.  (I actually said "Get moving or get out of here, will you?" which surprised me because I'm not usually that assertive when someone's larger than me, and most people are.)  (YourZ sez: yeah, so you say, you big bully!)

This band do the music I love the most - when guitars and drums and real live rock combine with electronica and dance to create the sort of Hi-NRG stuff that just don't quit.  So get moving or get out of here, why don't you?


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