Thursday, July 15, 2010

The B52s - Cosmic Thing


So when did that happen?  Sometime post 1995ish Fred Schneider's voice went from amusingly quirky to oh-my-god-shut-him-up-please.  Perhaps it's due to my spending some years working for commercial radio, where Love Shack remains a staple to this day.  Ruined it for me, along with Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street as I've previously mentioned, which just gives me the horrors now.

Back when this album came out (1989) I was very fond of it.  And playing it today, I can still remember vaguely how good Cosmic Thing sounded then.  I remember how disappointed I was when I realised an overseas trip would coincide with the band visiting Sydney - so I've never seen them live.

There's no denying the music's good, and I'll never get tired of hearing Kate Pierson sing - Roam is still clappy, happy and just plain gorgeous to listen to.  I felt the same about Deadbeat Club and Channel Z - but the rest was a bit awful.



The band who started their career with a song about crustaceans, The B52's have never been far enough away from the 'novelty act' zone for me to appreciate them as anything else.  Cosmic Thing, and particularly the vapidly annoying Love Shack, didn't help much either. 


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