Saturday, July 31, 2010

July - Wrapup


We're really getting down to some interesting choices to review.  In the past month, we've hit on some absolute gems and a few shockers as well.  Like it or not, we have to review all with equal(ish) respect.  This being said, July revealed UNKLE's superb War Stories, after it had been relegated to its own little space due to the oversized, ridiculous packaging that didn't fit our storage system (which admittedly is a CD-sized chest of drawers).  It was purely by fluke that I spotted it and it was added to the reviewing roster otherwise it might still be sitting there, forgotten and begging to be played.

One of the delights of being involved in this blog, besides those we've listed before, are the wonderful comments and reactions we get to our reviews.  I can't comment on the traffic to our site (I leave the number-crunching to Mine - ex-accountant that she is) but every time I check the blog out and there's a new comment, I get a little tingle of pleasure because someone, somewhere has not only read this little blog that could, but has taken time out of their day to lets us know they have.  These are the moments that make all the hard work worth while.

We're now sliding into the home stretch, folks, so fasten your headphones, put the seat into its reclining position and ready your ears for some truly wonderful treasures...


Each time we get the blindfold and pointy stick out these days to do another random selection from the collection, I'm wondering exactly who it'll reveal.  Each month we manage to have something old, something new, and often something blue.  And now we've passed the half way mark, I'm wondering who'll be left in the box, unreviewed, unremarked on, when we're done.  Will some of our favourites never see the light of blog?

This month I've mostly been... cold.  We've had a particularly chilly start to the southern hemisphere winter Down Under, necessitating use of the blankie while watching TV, and of the hot water bottle in bed.  And I won't make any comments about having some hot tunes to keep me warm, because they only do that if you dance to them.  Which I do, sometimes, but not enough to warrant the comment.

We're also working our way around to an election, which will be all done and dusted by the time we write next month's wrap-up, but which is causing me great pain at the moment sorting the real from the spin in my day job.  So roll on August 21!

Still having fun doing this, and loving the responses from our readers.  So this month we've decided to give our friend Braeden, a discerning ear and regular commentor, who, with his equally discerning brother, write Eschewing The Plain (check it out here) our pick of the month from Gelbison.


  1. Hey! Cool! Another comment!

    i've got a CD to ship your way - but it'll probably be late August before i get my schtuff together and get it going... your reviews have pushed me back into the exploration of new/old music. i had been going through a music-less phase, and that means a little less joy in my life!

    i'll keep reading, and when compelled, i shall absolutely comment! this is a great concept for a blog, and i'm having a blast tracking!

  2. For us, diving back into the collection, as we have done, has reinvigorated our love of music. I think we're buying more now than we ever did, though. And so it goes...

    I will ask Mine to send you an email with our address.

    Thanks for reading and for the support.