Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Unkle - War Stories


When I got to the end of this CD, the first thing I wanted to do was to listen to it again.  Which has got to be a recommendation, doesn't it?  At times I could understand why YourZ bought it, because there's an amount of clever-clever musicianship to it.  But generally it's both well-played and eclectic in its genre-shifting.  There's some lovely guitar-based dance which had me bopping in my seat, and moments of plain pop-rock that reminded me of U2.

A British band with help on this album from members of one of my favourite bands - Massive Attack - they've managed to fold some damn fine lyrics into this mix - which makes me wonder why I've never really listened to this CD before.  That'd be my husband, hiding music from me again.



War Stories is, without a doubt, contender number two for Forgotten Gem of the Year.

If I were, oh let's say 20 years younger, UNKLE is exactly the kind of band I would do my fuckin' damndest to put together.  I would utilise my love of rock AND electronica and make massive, beat-laden music for people to dance, fight or get fucked-up to, depending on their bent.

I would then gather some of my favourite singers and musicians to sing and play on my albums.  I'd make brilliant, provocative videos that not only made people think but introduced the world to great directors and actors.  I'd use emerging artists and photographers to create original, interesting pieces of art and help establish their careers.  And I'd do all this while avoiding the bullshit trapping of 'fame' and 'celebrity'.  I'd do it for the love of music, of art and of creativity. 

Yeah, if only...

(NB: the only thing I wouldn't do is package my work in ridiculously large packaging that doesn't fit any normal storage space so that the buyer puts it somewhere else and promptly forgets about it - are you listening James?)


For more information: http://unkle.com/

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