Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Is Big Beat


When I discovered the kind of dance music I loved had a name, I was impressed.  And went out immediately and bought this compilation.  Which has its moments, but still isn't really the definitive distillation of the best of Big Beat.

There are some great songs on it - including the Prodigy's Poison and Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Katz.  A lot of the tracks are instrumentals and while Howie B's Switch is an excellent example of this, many get a bit boring after a while.

But I have fun just listening to the ones I love and skipping along when I get bored.



Sometimes, the distance between Mine and YourZ (truly) seems positively universal.  And sometimes our nearness seems microscopic.  I see this as one of the benefits of social dichotomies such as ours.  We're very individual but meet up at the most surprising junctures too.

I think our collective love (if two can be a collective) of Big Beat is more of a surprise to Mine because I'm not much of a dancer, at least not these days (the reasons are many and varied but not worth going into here).  In fact, my love of this music has more to do with its structure and production than anything else as I'm a frustrated drummer from way back.

This Is Big Beat moves through the genre playing some absolutely killer beats.  While generally it's an excellent collection of brilliant tunes, like Mine says, skipping over the few boring ones is an absolute necessity.


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