Sunday, July 25, 2010

Frank Sinatra - New York, New York


Well, it's Frank.  I mean, what can you say about the man?  He's the guy who does for singing what Fred Astaire does for dancing - makes it look effortless and natural.  Until you try doing it, that is.  Which is why I ended up with a sore throat when I tried to sing along with Strangers In The Night

I bought this CD because I felt the lack of Frank in my collection.  And just because I don't play it that often, doesn't mean I don't love it - mostly.  OK, I'm not partial to the fact that he cuts the reference to cocaine out of I Get A Kick Out Of You.  His version of Yesterday is less than inspiring, and let's just draw a veil over Mrs Robinson, shall we?  But I love, love, love his duet with daughter Nancy in Something Stupid.

I have to share with you my thought process in listening to Summer Wind.  You see, I was on my way home from work to a meal which is cooked for me by YourZ.  My shift ends at 6.30 pm  and with a drive of anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour I'm usually pretty ready for dinner by the time I walk in.  And that night, with Frank in the background, I got to feeling all Mad Men about it.  I felt like calling him up and asking him to mix us a pitcher of martinis, and stopping off for some flowers to  show the little man how much I appreciate him. (YourZ sez: hmmm... careful now.)  Fortunately, I resisted the temptation, because Don Draper I ain't.  Much more Peggy Olson, actually, without the whole getting-pregnant-but-ignoring-it schtick she managed in Season One.

Um, I was writing a review, wasn't I?  Oh well, that's Frank for you. 



As Mine says, it's Frank Sinatra.  There are very few artists, either living or dead, who still inspire such passionate outpourings of devotion (Elvis, Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and John Lennon immediately spring to mind).  The sheer length of his career eclipses these, to say nothing for his multi-faceted talents as an singer, producer, actor and businessman.  And just talk to my mother if you want an opinion on his looks.  She will get a faraway look in her eyes and resorts to using words like 'dreamy'.  It is positively scary.

When listening back to this album of standards (and, in a few cases, substandards, as Mine also mentions), I can't help be transported back to a time when I was a pre-teen and my mother, who played piano and organ, would spend hours playing variations of many of these.  My parents were big Mancini fans and while I heard a lot of these tracks many times, none were ever sang as effortlessly as Frank seemed to do.  I doubt very much if there will be a voice like his again. 

The other thing about Frank is he didn't work with crap musicians.  Every note played, even on the dodgy covers, is played with absolute perfection.  A faultless band for a peerless voice.  It doesn't get any better than ol blue eyes himself.


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  1. Oh Frankie! Thanks for the reviewz. There's definite mood enhancement when he's a spinnin'. I will check it out. Again.


  2. Of all the reviews you could comment on, I'm somehow not surprised you chose this one. Good to 'see' you.