Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kyuss - And The Circus Leaves Town


Oh, wait until Mine gets a load of this.  I think her head is gonna explode all over the windscreen hahahahahahaha... (not that her head exploding is a funny thing, mind you).  Anyway...

If it weren't for Kyuss, we might not have Queens Of The Stoneage, Mondo Generator, Eagles Of Death Metal, Fu Manchu and Them Crooked Vultures, to name of the biggies.  Hailing from Palm Desert in southern California, Kyuss made a name for themselves playing heavy, distorted and groove-laden songs, and featured future QOTSA members Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri.

Throughout their short-lived career, the band seemed to be in a constant state of change, before finally calling it quits shortly after releasing And The Circus Leaves Town.  Of all their albums, this is most certainly my personal favourite and the only one currently residing in our collection (mainly because Blues For The Red Sun and Welcome To Sky Valley both walked out of my house at some stage).  The rest, as they (whoever they are) say, is future history.

If you're a fan, you'll know all about this album.  If you're not but want to be, then this is as good a place to start as any (in fact, it probably is the best place to start, as far as I'm concerned).



What, another Led Zeppelin tribute album?  (YourZ sez: I beg to differ - this is stoner rock at its finest!  Led Zep were never as sludgy as this)  How do these bands get record deals, anyway?  Oh, that's right, the recording industry is full of never-grew-up testosterone. *sigh*



  1. I'm going to side with Yourz on this one. And the Circus Leaves Town is a great album, and the same goes for Kyuss as a band. I don't think they're as strong as Queens of the Stone Age, but still a great stoner rock band none-the-less.

  2. Hmmm... does this mean I need to imbibe of the weed to fully appreciate their greatness? Might pass on that one Jeff, but it does explain a lot, huh YourZ?

    *grinning widely*


  3. Jeff, she knows not of what she speaks yet she still speaks like she does... Anyway, pass me the bong, dude, and turn those toons way up!


  4. Chris, its my favourite Kyuss song. Top marks!