Monday, July 12, 2010

Spinnerette - Spinnerette


Okay, Ms Brody Dalle has rock credentials oozing out her skin like her many and varied tattoos, starting with Sourpuss in Australia when she was 14.  By the time she was 18, she had married Tim Armstrong from Rancid, moved to LA and formed The Distillers.  Four albums later, both band and Armstrong were no longer.  Enter Josh Homme, more marriage, a sprog and domestic bliss, of a sort.

While not owing anything to the QOTSA sound, access to the growing collective of musicians associated with the Queens meant all she had to do was write the songs and let them be recorded.  Unfortunately, what we end up with here, for a major part of this album, is fairly derivative sounding, with a number of tracks that would most certainly not have made the cut for her husband's various projects.

But this self-titled effort is not without its moments.  Openers Ghetto Love, All Babes Are Wolves and Cupid set the bench mark high before the cracks start showing.  It isn't until 6 tracks later she partly redeems herself with the quite splendid Driving Song followed closely by Impaler and the closer A Prescription For Mankind.

This should have been an EP is all I'm saying.



OK, the gremlins got in and deleted my comment.  How did that happen?  Grrrrrr, I can't even remember clearly what I said!  Apart from, it's not really my thing.  Well-done and all that but generally just - ordinary.  Notwithstanding the babeliciousness of Ms Dalle....


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  1. Love Brody, she could sing negro spirituals or Wiggles covers and I'd still love her. Totally crushing on her even though she could break me in this album more than that so bad?

  2. Seano, not so bad at all. And I completely get the crush too, although I'd be more concerned about what Josh might do.