Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Voice Of The Beehive - Honey Lingers


Okay, I was prepared for something completely different and possibly even rubbish (sorry Mine, but I was).  The fact is this is just about as good as pop music gets - great melodies and lyrics with beautiful harmonies and huge choruses (chorusi?)

The production and the drums sound dated (typically that big reverby snare sound so prevalent in the 80s), but I can completely understand why Mine loves this so much.  While it might not be my cup of tea (I generally drink coffee) it certainly deserves to remain in our collection. 



VOTB got some critical acclaim for this album and some commercial success with their cover of the Partridge Family tune I Think I Love You, but I'd already fallen in love with them with their first album, Let It Bee.  A rare Brit/US band featuring the drummer from Madness, I got to see them once, long ago.  And I'm still annoyed that the replacement copy of Let It Bee I have (the first one was stolen) has a rude word bleeped out in my favourite song on the album.  Why bleep?  Why not a "Parental Advisory" sticker?

But anyway, Honey Lingers (gotta love a double entendre) is pure pop magic.  From the jangly guitars of Monsters and Angels to the tear-jerking Perfect Place (not kidding, was glad I wore waterproof eyeliner this morning) this album has a permanent place in my heart.  And to YourZ, who I'm guessing won't get it the way I do - just listen to Beauty To My Eyes.  I'm dedicating it to you.  (YourZ sez: awww *blush*)
VERDICT: TURN IT UP this could be a perfect place

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In our collection, we also have Let It Bee and Sex & Misery


  1. Oh Boy! Didn't you know I'm chairman of the VOTB fanclub? (at least in our house). Great band - saw them twice in the 80s and loved every minute. Glad to meet some more fans - they are one of those bands that don't really come up in conversation so you never know. See for more ravings.

    Great stuff guys. What's next? XTC?

  2. Lovely post MO and yes, isn't it lovely to find another VOTB fan? Now if THEY did one of those reunion tour things I'd be there in a heartbeat. Might even travel to the US or Blighty to see them, too... And of course now I'm off to watch all of their past videos on YouTube because I haven't seen most of them. Why didn't I think of that before?


  3. I love this album, definitely should be their most famous. Rock critics hated it though I guess which meant that many who might have liked it never found out about it.

  4. Hey Starry, I bet there are lots of bands out there in the same boat. Bloody critics! :)