Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart


I don't know what possessed me to buy O Soundtrack My Heart but I'm pleased I did.  It has been languishing in the collection for some time but not for long.  The band formerly known as Pivot but now as PVT (after a legal claim from an American band of the same name) are quite possibly one of the most refreshingly interesting instrumental bands I've ever heard.

Formed in Sydney by brothers Richard and Laurence Pike, with the later addition of Perth eletronic musician Dave Miller, PVT have slowly built a dedicated following in both the general public and within the music industry itself, so much so they were invited by curator Brian Eno to perform at the Luminous Festival, held at the Sydney Opera House in 2009. 

I would love to spend hours trying to adequately describe the PVT sound but don't really have the time.  Succinctly, they straddle territory I can only describe as a electronia/rock version of Morricone.  Deservedly, I expect PVT to be featured on any number of soundtracks in the near future. 



Instrumental.  A bit clever-clever.  Not really my thing, but I can see why he bought it.


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