Friday, July 23, 2010

Morcheeba - Fragments Of Freedom (Special Edition)


Erchhh, this CD has problems for me.  I mean, there's the fact that it's unremittingly cheerful, for one.  And for me that clashes with some pretty deep subtext, because I bought this to remain close with a friend of mine, who'd moved to another city.  A friend I've had a falling-out with recently.  And so listening to Rome Wasn't Built In A Day remains bittersweet for me.

On the one hand, it's exactly the sort of song I like, sweet and positive, with a great beat and a danceable rhythm.  On the other hand, I find myself wondering yet again if I've done the right thing by being so didactic about why I can't just shove the issue under the carpet and try and pick up the threads of friendship again.  I mean, we've been pals for 14 years.  Through relationships and marriage - she was my bridesmaid when YourZ and I tied the knot.

I don't know if I can really listen to this CD again, but I also don't know if I can just throw it away.  Much like the friendship, I guess.



There is nothing wrong with Fragments Of Freedom.  It is just so nice (and anyone who has read this blog knows I don't do nice).  It's everything from the sharp, crystalline production to the instrumentation and vocals of Skye Edwards.  For fuck's sake, there's a song featuring kettle drums and it wasn't even vaguely calypso-like.

The problem with this is everything is so diluted and clean, it loses any real value.  If anything, it sounds like a Christian hip hop release.  And not a good one either.

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