Monday, July 26, 2010

Space Invadas - Soul-Fi


I bought this out of some small loyalty I felt to one of our favourite DJs, Katalyst (real name Ashley Anderson).  Aside from his day job, he also runs Invada Records with Portishead Geoff Barlow.  With all this on his plate, the last thing you think he'd do would be start a side project. 

But with his friend, Steve Spacek, who has been one of his go-to vocalists in the past, they put together Space Invadas, with Soul-Fi being their first release.  While it isn't far removed from Anderson's previous output, what really differentiates this is Spacek's voice.

Recognised by such luminaries as Mos Def and Common as having one of the best modern soul voices, overlayed with the dynamic funk and soul beats Anderson is well known for, elevates Soul-Fi above the standard.  The astute, sharp beats and soul-filled vocals are a match made in music heaven.



This Katalyst side project has some great moments - and some really ordinary ones. 

Bits I like: most of the songs are Funky (yes, we need the capital F) and as you'd expect from a producer of this calibre, they show extremely high production values.

Bits I don't like: Introductions to songs (why?) and the occasional move across into MOR R&B.  But it's mostly OK and mostly stuff I like.  So maybe I'll just delete the bits I don't like off the iPod.


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  1. wicked album - I LOVE it

  2. Hey Anon,

    The more I've listened to this, the more I do like it, although 'wicked' is not the descriptive I would choose to use. But each to their own, they say.

    Thanks for your comment. Have you checked out our 'Free To A Good Home' list? There might be something there you'd like. Drop us an email with your postal address if there is and we'll send it to ya.