Saturday, June 26, 2010

Augie March - Moo, You Bloody Choir


I originally bought Moo, You Bloody Choir after hearing a live performance of the first track, One Crowded Hour, on the show RocKwiz.  I was stunned by the intelligence of the lyrics and the beauty and simplicity of the melody.

I'm not much on hype, as regular readers might be aware of by now.  And Augie March were, at one time, hyped up by Australian music press, particularly, like they were saviours of some sort. 

The fact is this band is worthy of any hype, writing literate, contemporary indie pop.  Ostensibly a  vehicle of singer/songwriter Glenn Richards, Augie March have slowly yet surprisingly wended their way into the consciousness of the Australian public, who, while discerning, don't usually take to such intelligence without taking the piss out it as well.

Augie March sit somewhere between the deliberate provocativeness of Bob Dylan and the lush beauty of Jeff Buckley.  Richard's voice effortlessly moves between these territories, both captivating and inspiring listeners, while the rest of the band provide worthy accompaniement for his melodies.  From the previously mentioned opener to the slow, almost sensual The Honey Month and the alt-country The Baron Of Sentiment, Augie March are a heck of a ride and well worth taking.  Just beautiful...



It's beautifully put-together pop music that seems to be vaguely flavoured with hints of other styles, other eras.  Much like the fresh air of our backyard in the morning when it's occasionally faintly flavoured with aviation fuel (what you get for living near the airport).  I'm still not sure who Glenn Richards' voice reminds me of.  One minute it's got the raw honesty of Bruce Springsteen, the next there's that almost-falsetto that could lead to Bon Iver comparisons.  There's a flutter and a yaw in it, like a small boat tacking on a large lake.  Some songs are sparse, some lush, at least one would have been at home in the 60s.  Taking bennies and hanging out with Twiggy-60s, not the patchouli-flavoured LSD rocker-type-60s.

What this album is, is unmissable.


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  1. had to look up your review - i'm rolling in 'augie' at the moment. first pass had me calling out the influences - dylan (crowded hour), bowie, keane, nilsson, even the traveling wilburys... after listening through it twice? i figured out they're just doing something good - whatever the influences.

    this CD must be shared - and i shall! wow! thanks again for a fabulous musical turn on... it'll take awhile before this one gets rotated out of the car!

  2. Daisyfae, glad to hear the CD reached its destination, and will admit to feeling a little smug for making a good choice about who to send it to.

    Happy listening

    YourZ & Mine

  3. And she is nothing if not the Queen of smug

    Very pleased you lie this, Daisy...