Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago


Confession time: I didn't particularly like this album when first heard it.  It took more than a few listens for this aversion to be lifted.  And all this is credit to the power of Justin Vernon and his songs.

I think the first time I heard For Emma, Forever Ago, I was distracted and this is an album that demands the fullest attention of the listener.  But through sheer persistence to understand what the fuss was about, I came to like it very much.  It is beautiful, uncluttered, full of melancholy and utterly spellbinding.  But as I said, it is not for casual listening.  It is for drawing in, taking a breath and collecting ones self.

Locking himself away in a cabin with a fairly simple recording set up and a set of beautifully-crafted songs, Vernon recorded these songs to help get over a broken heart (from the Emma in the title, I believe).  The consistency of production values, the seeming simplicity of instrumentation and the songs themselves point to a truly talented individual.  The biggest test will be in what Bon Iver comes up with next.  Whatever it is, I'm sure I will like it first time.



I love the falsetto crooning Justin Vernon makes seem so effortless.  I love the sheer quietness of this album, that just makes me want to be curled up with a book and some chocolates with the heater on, while the rain pelts down outside.

It's the perfect background for some serious thinking, too.  The melancholia running through the songs encourages introspection, and weirdly would make me recommend this album to a long-distance runner.  No great inspirational tracks, just the feeling of going on and on, under a grey sky.  Vaguely hypnotic.


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