Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mess Hall - Devils Elbow


I got Devils Elbow after reading about it in local music press.  Even though they are another in the seemingly unending run of two piece bands, I thought I'd give these Sydney boys a turn.  If anything, I was a little cynical, at first.  But then seeing it's produced by Gerling's Burke Reid piqued my interest and now, the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

This is a mix of both old swampy blues and more contemporary influences, both local and international.  I've not seen the band live so I don't know how stripped back their live sound is, but it has been well-captured in this set of raw, dirty tracks.  But there is not doubting these songs were bounced off a concrete wall in a dingy rehearsal space before they ever saw the light of day.  These were born of sweat, spit and the hard yards and are only the better for it.



Odd.  It seems well done, but the more I listened to Devils Elbow the more it annoyed me.  Yet another in the seemingly-endless round of blues-based rock that YourZ purchases, it's really not badly written, played or produced at all.  But that lead singer?  Can't.


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