Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brand New Heavies - Excursions, Remixes & Rare Grooves


Funny, how your tastes change. At one time the brand New Heavies were on high rotation on the CD player - nice for background, good to cook to, fun to turn up and dance to.  But now, they seem a little - MOR.

Not that this CD's bad, as such, featuring remixes of their fabulous songs Brother Sister and Dream on, Dreamer.  Plus the final track's a killer - their version of the 70's hit for Maria Muldaur, Midnight at the Oasis, which I've always been fond of (or should that be, of which I've always been fond? whatever)

Basically, this fits into a time in my life when I was into this sort of cool, funky, almost acid-jazz style music.  And while I'd find it the ideal CD to back a dinner party with, I've just moved on, rather.



I used to know lots of people who claimed to be fans of The Brand New Heavies.  This was way back in the early 90s but for the life of me, I can't recall a single song of theirs, not even after listening to Excursions, Remixes...  Maybe this is more due to my overall dodgy memory although my musical memory is usually pretty good.

What The Brand New Heavies do they do well enough, I suppose, but this kind of music has never had much appeal.  That it is labeled Acid Jazz probably has a lot to do with this.  As Mine said, it really is MOR.  And even their version of Midnight At The Oasis doesn't help.


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In our collection we also have Shelter, Brother Sister, Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol 1 and The Brand New Heavies

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