Thursday, June 10, 2010

BT - Movement In Still Life


Regular readers of this page may recall me mentioning a friend who used to work in a local record shop and recommend different releases to me.  Movement In Still Life was one such recommendation, although it now occurs to me my friend didn't really have a good grasp of the sort of music I like.

However, in the case of BT, I think he did reasonalby well.  This is definitely a beat-driven album, which is what appeals to me when it comes to the 'dance' genre (and its myriad sub-genres).  Movement... has a few different shades too, moving from more big beat-driven tracks to trancier numbers.  What ties it all together is the incredible production of the album as a whole.  The last track, Satellite, is well worth the wait too - a lovely acoustic-driven number.

I'm not necessarily a big fan of the trancier stuff as I am, despite what Mine thinks, a lyrics guy and also like a good hook.  The trance numbers are longish and a little repetitive for my liking.  The production, however, is absolutely superb throughout the whole album.  It's no wonder BT has ended up working as producer for the likes of Peter Gabriel and, uh-hum, N-Sync.  Still, gotta got where the money is, I guess.

VERDICT: TURN IT DOWN (but remember it for our next party, Mine)


Going from big beat to hip-hop to hard dance and trailing off with some almost-acoustic numbers, Movement in Still Life has all the ingredients you need for a great night out.  In fact when I pressed play for this CD my first thought was "Damn, it's been a long time since I've had a night on the dance floor!"

Which brings me to the conundrum - for a man who buys a hell of a lot of dance music, my husband remains a committed non-dancer.  He likes to watch.  (YourZ sez: hehehe, yes, I likes to watch, hehehehe...)  Me, on the other hand, you can't keep me off the dance floor if there's one to be had, and often if there isn't.  I'll dance in the space between the bar and the jukebox, even if that's the direct route to the bathrooms and I'm being bumped aside every two minutes.  I'll dance in my car (chair-dancing) and have been known to boogie a little in between weightlifting sets at the gym.  I guess what I can praise my husband for is the fact that he manages to contain his embarrassment at my continual wiggling quite well.  Thanks, petal! (YourZ sez: I could watch you dance all day, dear)

Now, see what I mean?  My enthusiasm for the dance has completely removed from my brain any trace of a review I might have for this album.  So...

VERDICT: TURN IT UP (pass me a glowstick)

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