Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June - Wrapup


Whatever else this month might be to our readers in far-flung parts of the globe, here in Australia this will always be the month we finally got ourselves a female Prime Minister.  Yay for that, though not so yay was the way Julia got in, by challenging our reigning PM for the job.  But hopefully she'll be voted in all proper-like by the end of the year, and then I can do my happy dance for real.

And to celebrate the girliness of our nation, this month we're handing a CD to daisyfae, who's commented occasionally and I believe is currently swanning around Greece with two other bloggers.  In keeping with our theme of sending out music we think the recipient will like, I have to admit I was a little stumped at first.  But then I lit on Augie March, and it was easy.  Just because I think everyone will like him/them.

Wow, that's six months.  Half way there, or all downhill form here?  Anybody's guess.


As Mine pointed out, we've hit the half-way mark for the year.  I'm not going to belabour the point we've made previously about how much we enjoy doing this except to reiterate: we really do enjoy doing this.  And while it has certainly highlighted some of the differences in our tastes, I am happy to report there no major disagreements or bouts of juvenile pouting have occurred so far.

Our tastes are very different but also strikingly similar.  There are junctures where we meet up so appropriately, we can almost finish off each other's thoughts about a particular artist.  On the other hand, we have very opposite opinions about some artists, we might be from different planets (for a good example, see both the Pet Shop Boys and Deftones reviews from this month).

But it doesn't take away any of the enjoyment we have for doing this.  In fact, those differences help to bring us closer together when we do find something we both love.  This month, without a doubt, it would have to be The Raconteurs (or Saboteurs - depending on which side of the world you live).  I was already fan and honestly thought Mine would not like it.  Her review, however, surprised and delighted me, which again goes to show how much we still have to learn about each other.  And thats a really good thing.


  1. Congrats on making it 6 months! I have enjoyed reading, though haven't commented enough. Most of the time it is simply because I am not familiar with the music. But I do appreciate the write-ups! Looking forward to the next 6 months.

  2. Thanks Peter. We're pleased we've made it this far and are looking forward to the next 6 months and beyond.


  3. Wowzers! i'm just now finishing excavations after two weeks on holiday, and am honoured to have been given such a glorious award! And at the half year point, too... i bow down....

    my tastes are eclectic, and other than hard-core high-tenor bluegrass or screaming death metal, i'm a happy camper... there is a music for any mood, and i'm a moody broad!

  4. Baggy goodness will be on its way to you as soon as possible. Now if we'd done this earlier, we could have given it to Nursemyra to give to you in Greece. That would have been a blast!