Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Living End - Roll On


I'm too old for this.  I mean, I was a mad crazy fan of the Stray Cats many years ago (I've seen them two or three times) and the Living End straddle that rock/rockabilly line with ease.  But that was then, and these days I'll leave the wild jumping-around to the younger set.

It's not that they don't play it well (they do) or the songs are boring (they're not) but just that this seems more like something uni students/college kids can whoop and holler to.  I'll leave it to them.



It's hard to believe this album is ten years old.  It sounds so fresh and vibrant.  At the same time, there are so many classic references, from both punk and rock.  And it doesn't let up, not for a second.  The energy of this three piece virtually zaps out of the speakers.  Listening to Roll On, I found it hard to sit still.  I wanted to move, to do things.  So I rearranged the spare room, our guest room/study/music room, a job I've been meaning to do for a while.  I turned the music up and bopped around the room as I did it.

But then, as Mine so rightly points out, a youngish middle aged man jumping around his spare room like a young punk is only going to come to grief.  Thankfully, I realised the error of my ways before I fell and hurt myself.  And I got the room changed around to just the way I wanted it while writing this review in my head. Who says a man can't do two things at once?

VERDICT: TURN IT UP but remember, be careful out there.

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  1. I saw these guys early this year or late last year. I wasn't sure what to make of them as to me they sound somewhere between Midnight Oil, The Stray Cats and Green Day. I also came to the conclusion I was too old and enjoyed Airbourne's AC/DC plagiarism and Shihad (who I hadn't seen live for nearly fifteen years) more.
    Actually I think I'm too old to enjoy Shihad's new material too.

  2. Funnily enough, they started out as a Stray Cats covers band called The Runaway Boys. Its been a while since I saw them but I like 'em a lot.

    I know what you mean about Airbourne but I can't help but like them too (aside from the fact they're managed by a mate of mine). As for Shihad, I haven't heard their new stuff yet but do like their old stuff.