Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Murmurs - The Murmurs


Oh, that's such a shame.  This used to be a favourite of mine, particularly for You Suck which combines the sweetness of girly close-harmony with some ballsy lyrics - a nice contrast.  Bad Mood and Carry Me Home are pretty good too.

But the Murmurs have been ruined for me by the equally gorgeous close-harmony girly sounds of Garfunkel & Oates.  If you've never listened to these girls, go and do it now. NOW.  (The songs are good but watching the videos is better.  Yes, you have seen the small dark girl on TV before.)   And mind you're not eating or drinking because you will spray that food or drink all over your keyboard, and I won't be responsible for any damage arising from the hilarity.

The problem with my love affair with G&O is that now I can't listen to girly close-harmony without thinking about Sex With Ducks or Pregnant Women Are Smug.  Dammit.



I kind of vaguely remember The Murmurs but only because I think one of the girls I shared a house with in the early 90s might have had this CD.  It certainly didn't impress me then because even listening back now, I have no memory of any of these songs. (Mine says: With your encyclopaedic musical memory?  Now you've suprised me...)

I guess if it was as boring to me then as it is to me now, its no wonder I can't recall anything they did.


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