Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pet Shop Boys - Discography


Urp, I was waiting for this.  So, here goes...

Yeah, this is as bad as I thought it was going to be.  But the big problem is the melodies of these tracks are so hook laden I know I'm going to spend days trying to get rid of them out of my head, dammit all!



In a collection of singles spanning from 1986 to '91, there's plenty of big-hit numbers on this best-of collection.  I love their versions of Always On My Mind and  Where The Streets Have No Name - which is seamlessly cut with Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You.  The Pettoes were a big part of my life in that time, moving as I was from gay dance club to gay rave.  Fag hag?  Moi?  OK, guilty as charged.

I'm sure YourZ will have been gritting his teeth through this CD, but listening to Being Boring never fails to uplift me.

VERDICT: TURN IT UP daaahling....

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