Saturday, June 12, 2010

Deftones - Diamond Eyes


Let me tell you right from the start: this review is going to be completely subjective.  Of all the bands I like and love, there are very few other who come close to Deftones for me.  I have just about everything they've ever released and am a big fan.  My only shame is I've never seen them live.  Hopefully, this will be remedied in the near future.

Diamond Eyes is their latest album and the first release after bass player Chi Cheng's accident, which left him in a 'minimally conscious state'.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, the rest of the band put material written for their album Eros aside, and with the assistance of ex-Quicksand bass player Sergio Vega, knuckled down to write and record a blisteringly good set.

In fact, this is the best Deftones album since the last one.  (See, told you this would be subjective).  But seriously, from the pure power of first single Rocket Skates, I knew this was going to be a huge album, maybe their best album (something I'm sure Chi would be chuffed about).  There is both brute force and beauty in equal doses, from the relentless attack of songs like CMND/CTRL and the title track to Sextape and the aptly-named Beauty School.

There is an urgency in all these tracks, a feeling of getting shit done as quickly as possible, of not fucking around because life has just showed itself to be an unpredicatable ride. But what Diamond Eyes also shows is that even from the most tragic of events can spawn something good.  Seriously good.



No.  Just.... no.  Too noisy, too shouty, too testosterone-fuelled.  But I know I'm the only one in our household who feels that way, so...


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  1. Toni, if you are truly the only one in your household who feels that way you and Mark have the coolest cats in the world. :)

    BTW ... I've been on the fence with Glee. I been kinda interested in watching it, but I can't quite get my finger to press "play". LOL

    I just have a feeling it's overrated and over hyped so please tell me if I'm wrong. :)

    Tell Mark I said Hi.

  2. The cats are truly cool (have you ever met a cat that wasn't?)

    About Glee... I've tried to interest Mark in it, but I kinda think it's for girls and gays - guys don't really get it. Even I have to fast-forward some of the songs. they had an episode the other week that was all ballads - I think I watched about 15 mins total, just to keep up with the story line. But the Gaga/Kiss episode was AWESOME.

    Mark says hi back.


  3. Ah, finally an album I can intelligently comment on. I probably won't, but at least I could.

    My feelings are, obviously, already known on this one. But that doesn't surprise me. It fits the Deftones mold. It also is pretty much in line with their past releases for me, about 50/50 in terms of songs I like and songs I skip. White Pony has been the only exception to that rule for me.

    As for this one, it still just isn't grabbing me.

  4. As I know yours, so you know mine. I'm still blown away by it. Sorry its not grabbing you, though. Different strokes and all...